About the department

The Department of Computer Science was established at Shatt Al-Arab Private College in 1996, and its inputs were the graduates of the preparatory school, the scientific and industrial branches. The modern scientific curricula were adopted in public universities and kept pace with the development of the scientific and practical material of the student with the adoption of the programming languages ​​approved in the study.

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The department should occupy a distinguished position in preparing competent programmers who possess competence and are armed with software information, innovative skills and practical training through the adoption of an academic program that achieves national and international standard standards in the field of computer science, which qualifies them to address software problems and provide technical advice in areas of specialization such as artificial intelligence, information technology, networks and others.

Section Message

The department’s mission is to prepare graduates in the field of specialization and to provide them with the principles of knowledge, scientific and logical thinking, scientific research skills in computer science and the skills necessary for future communication with society in various fields of work.. Thus, the number of qualified graduates in the field of computer science to meet the requirements of the labor market, conduct theoretical and applied research, and provide Consulting and educational services for various sectors of society.

Section goals

The number of graduates specialized in computer sciences who contribute positively to society.
Meeting the needs of educational institutions with highly qualified cadres.
Encouraging scientific research and publishing in the scientific, local and international fields.
Supporting the student's ability to link the theoretical scientific aspect with practical application.
Develop the student's ability to scientific research and continuous knowledge.
Preparing a generation of qualified academic researchers with international scientific competencies that enable them to conduct scientific research in the fields of computer science.
Achieving scientific communication with specialists in various computer fields at the local and global levels.
Achieving quality and academic accreditation at the local and global levels.